Does the tattoo hurt?

People see this in different ways. Just as cold and heat are perceived differently, so is the pain of tattooing. Some feel it as a slight sting and an acceptable vibration while others find it very painful. Personally, I feel the pain of the tattoo very much but you have to put up with it if you really want to. The pain is also very different from body to body. And, of course, from one area to another. Every human being has a personal limit in enduring pain. It can last from 30 minutes to 6 hours. Despite all this, anyone who really wants to have a beautiful tattoo has to endure the pain it entails. You have to think not only about the pride of wearing a good looking tattoo but also about the pride of enduring that pain! It doesn’t compare to a beautiful life with a few hours of pain 🙂


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Does the tattoo hurt?

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