Enlarging a piercing

The extension of a piercing is not a novelty, it even has a well-known cultural past. Some would think of the African tribes, which use pieces of wood in the shape of concentric discs to extend their piercings. There are also examples of people who have used this art before. Here, too, we note that this art was no exception for women.

Those who have thought about extending your piercing should do so in a way that makes them very comfortable to wear and feels as normal as an earring.

Only previously closed piercings should be stretched. However, there is an exception, namely the cases in which a piercing has problems with healing. In this case, you need to go back to your piercer for treatment. Consider not only the size of the wound but also the risk of germs and infection. To extend a piercing, the cone or Expander must be used. They are made of stainless steel or acrylic and are used with lubricants.

expander piercing

Cones are usually used for stretching. They are made of steel or acrylic. With the help of the lubricant, the cones are pushed through the piercing and then the jewelry that will be worn in the future is inserted.
Another option is to enlarge earrings or snails that are constantly worn as jewelry and pushed more and more into the piercing. On the thinner side, the rubber ring on the jewelry should be moved behind the piercing so that it does not slip into the tissue due to pressure.

The advantage of this method is that the piercing can be stretched in much smaller increments than in the case of jewelry inserted with the help of cones.

But this is the only advantage of this technique. Applied jewelry is used successively only in the next standard size. Otherwise, the skin may crack, become infected and scarring. This is not only inconvenient, but it also heals and prevents future stretching of the scarred tissue.

The skin must be given enough time to relax so that the newly formed cells can regain their original structure. Therefore, the piercing should not be re-stretched after about 4 weeks, this period varying from piercing to piercing and depending on the size at that time. Stretching of the piercing is allowed in soft tissues, such as the earlobe. The pain is felt for a short time and no bleeding occurs. However, we do not encourage the spread of cartilage piercings. The area may swell and the pain is much harder.

For some soft tissue piercings, stretching can be improved by wearing slightly heavier jewelry or piercing-like jewelry. To extend the piercing yourself to the next size of jewelry, it can be done even without a Taper (thin candle, cone) and largely without pain. It should be noted, however, that by accepting a piercing for too long, one can reach an elongated shape, which no one wants.
Those who do not want to stretch their piercings themselves and do not have a Taper should go to a piercing studio. It is also the case that I can’t find used jewelry to buy.

Enlarging a piercing

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