Piercing treatment

Navel / Eyebrow / Lip – After 2-3 hours of piercing, remove the dressing and wash with soap and water (shower gel). After showering, rinse the area thoroughly with water to avoid irritation due to soap (shower gel left inside the hole.


Apply baneocin ointment twice a day for a week, do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or alcohol-containing solutions. Always wash your hands before going for a piercing.


The earring may change after at least a month.

Tongue – after the operation it is recommended to consume a lot of ice, very cold juices, possibly ice cream;

– Avoid eating hot for at least 4 days;

Gargle twice a day with water and salt; not to consume dairy products for 2-3 days;

It is not recommended to smoke during the healing period;

The earring may change after at least a month;

Please report for a routine check-up within 10 days.

We have a collection of over 50 lip / eyebrow / navel / tongue piercing models.

We do not tattoo or pierce minors under the age of 16.

We do not perform tattoos or piercings on minors between the ages of 16 and 18, without the consent of a parent, or as the case may be, the legal guardian.

We do not tattoo or pierce people who have consumed alcohol or drugs.

Piercing treatment

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