Tattoo studio and tattooing

If you want to get a tattoo, the first step is to consult an expert in the field, a professional tattoo artist, and to clarify the tattoo process and the risks involved. If, for example, you found the perfect tattoo template, the work belongs to the artist. Skin tattooing involves first removing the hair from the area with a blade. To prevent infection of the fresh tattoo, the affected area and the surrounding area must be disinfected.

With the transfer of the initial pressure on the skin, the symmetrical execution of the tattoo and the size corresponding to the image can be controlled.


The artist will start drawing lines by stabilizing the tattoo machine. Each artist has their own technique. Some tattoo in deep lines, while others prefer drawing to the point of stabbing the needle. In any case, everyone uses a little water or Sumi Gray for the outside lines. This procedure is especially used for portrait tattoos. In this case, the stitching must be maintained throughout the tattooing of the portrait.


Tattoo studio and tattooing

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