When the piercing is healed

The importance of post-tattoo treatment is very important! Healing time is particular to each body and to each individual. It depends on several factors. One of the most important is the diet. If you are a heavy smoker who only eats fast food and you are under constant stress, your piercing. it is harder to heal than in the case of a quiet person who consumes more vitamins and minerals. Influenza or a cold can also prolong the healing phase. How long does a piercing heal on average?

In general, piercings in the mucous membranes will be pierced faster than elsewhere in the body. This explains, of course, why a tongue piercing heals after 1-2 weeks, and a belly piercing after months. In addition, mechanical stimulation is present in some areas of the body. Some people say that jewelry can change after 4 weeks, but not everyone can do that. It is important that its care is not interrupted or neglected. Finally, our body needs some time to relax. And if you’ve ever had a piercing, it’s worth taking care of.

Here is some general information:
An earlobe piercing usually lasts 4 weeks, and all other ear piercings heal in about 2-3 months because the cartilage does not store blood very well. Eyebrow piercings heal after about 6-12 weeks. In the nose, it depends on the exact location, because on the outside it lasts about 2 months, and on the septum even 3-4 months. The tongue goes a little faster, it only takes about 2 weeks to heal. Even if the exact location of the lip matters, a piercing in the lower lip area lasts 6 weeks and in the middle it lasts 4-6 weeks. The nipple and navel need 2-6 months to heal.

But, as I said, these are just general guidelines and can vary from person to person!

When the piercing is healed

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