Who should give up the much desired piercing?

Those who get a piercing get informed a lot in advance. And that’s why I don’t want to stop talking about choosing a salon or materials. There is also a very important topic I want to tell you about. It is about the dangers of piercing injuries and the risks involved.

Not all people have the same physical condition. In addition to this, there are risk factors that some people should give up on body jewelry. The list begins with people with heart failure and ends with those without immunity. But who exactly does it affect and who should give up? Let’s start with the heart.
Anyone who has had heart surgery, or has a congenital heart defect, should consult a doctor first. Eventually, it is recommended that he be given antibiotics to prevent inflammation. It is all the more dangerous as stinging the skin can cause inflammation of the inner wall of the heart (endocarditis). There is extra pressure during muscle inflammation. But even healthy people can get endocarditis from a simple piercing.

In general, people with diabetes or those undergoing corticosteroid therapy have the highest risk of developing the disease. People undergoing any treatment should also be more careful and should consult a doctor beforehand. In this way, the risk can be assessed, the operation would not affect the health, while the treatment can be postponed or interrupted.
It is well known that people who are allergic to nickel should say yes only once or twice. The rate of increase in nickel allergy may increase in proportion to the number of piercings engraved and worn!

Who should give up the much desired piercing?

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